Schema and UI Design for BookLog Application

I am absolutely in love with 100Days and I am so glad I started this with my colleague Kushagra who inspires me every day and we both support each other to stay on track :-)

We would be happy to have you join us at our MongoDB Community and learn with us. 😊

The idea of the BookLog Application started with Realm relationships. I have been learning how the Realm object model from mobile will get synced to MongoDB Atlas and it has been a bumpy ride for some use-cases.

Previously, my Author and Book Data Model was as below:

I inverted the model and added relation in the Bookas its more likely to have an author without a book than have a book without an author.

I also added @Required annotation to Book and Author name so that they are not left blank.

So, the revised schema looks as below:

For now, I will only focus on basic schema modelling so that you and I can understand concepts before we get into complicated cases.

Both Realm Object Models will be added as two separate collections when they are synced to MongoDB Atlas.

I spent some time thinking how I want UI screens to look like. I would need to design three screens :

  • Add Author,
  • Add Book, &
  • BookList

Now, for three screens, having Navigation Component or a Menu makes sense. I have not done Navigation in a long while.. :-/

I absolutely enjoy the idea when learning one concept leads to another. Although it does extend the application built time but all learning is worth it.

I will spend some more time on how I want to design my UI and continue tomorrow on this.



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