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Hello Everyone, I am Henna :) and this is my 3rd article in the MongoDB Realm Sync series.

So far in the 2 articles, we have learned to create:

  1. Getting Started with MongoDB Realm and Google Authentication
  • MongoDB Realm Account

2. Getting Started with Realm Sync for Android Application

  • Sync Configuration on UI

In this article, you will learn more about Sync Modes and how to implement Sync and create schemas when you already have…

Hello and Welcome to my page, I am Henna =D.

This is the second article in the series “ Getting Started with MongoDB Realm in your Android Application” and I will talk about how to implement the Realm Sync feature in your Application.

Get your Coffee and your Laptop and Let’s roll on :D

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If you are new to this page, you will need to set up a MongoDB Cloud account and create a Realm App. You can follow part A of Article 1 of the series on how to do that

  1. Getting Started with MongoDB Realm

I have a…

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Hello, everyone. I am Henna. I started with Mobile Application back in 2017 when I was a lucky recipient of the Udacity Scholarship. I had always used SQLite when it came to using databases in my mobile apps. Using SQLite was definitely a lot of boilerplate code, but using it with Room library did make it easier.

I had heard about Realm before but I got so comfortable using Room with SQLite that I never thought of exploring the option.

At the time, I was not aware that Realm had multiple offerings, from being used as a local database on…

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